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Hi there, my name is Savanna and I'm an experienced illustrator and designer running a small studio just beyond the London boarder, in a place where the grass is tall and views are vast.


My educational background includes and degree in Communications and Visual Culture from John Cass School of Art, Media and Design in London. A few years later I completed a masters program in Graphic Design and Communication from the University for the Creative Arts. 

I'm a passionate creative and have skills in illustration, art direction and graphic design gained over the last decade. The niche areas I'm passionate about, and excel in are projects within the wellness, lifestyle, femininity, fashion, travel and luxury industries.  

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In the years between my degree and my masters I struggled for several years to find my way into a creative role. I took on a string of jobs including; a runner for a TV company (i.e. general dogs body), a word document formatter for a bank, a secretary in a design company, a secretary in another design company who paid me more but also treated me poorly (I was not the most assertive 23 year old) and a PA within local council where, ironically I was treated like a beautiful human being. Here I was able to get some confidence back and apply to go back to school for my masters degree.


During this time I never stopped drawing and painting. I was teaching myself photoshop and had bought a mac. I took one evening class per term at Edinburgh College of Art (where I lived at the time) and did life drawing classes on Sundays. Regardless of the outcome I never stopped wanting to draw and be creative. And so when my chance came I was able to put together a portfolio of new work and be accepted to study my masters at the University for the Creative Arts. 

I loved the course, I loved my team, "the Alchemists" as we had branded ourselves. It was the most fun experience within my education and I sometimes reminisce about that time. What followed my course again was another struggle to get my foot in the door but eventually I found a designer role and since then I've been able to flourish. I went on to take on more creative roles; Senior Designer and Magazine Art Director. 

A few years ago work and life had become enmeshed, as can be the case when you love your work. Over time I had amassed a workload that didn't allow for a healthy balance and after some deep soul searching I realised it was time to pursue something I'd wanted for some time, to leave my salaried position and go freelance. I spent a few exciting years travelling around London and the UK to Design and Art Direct at various studios and in-house departments. Over time my health recovered and I was able to pursue another one of my dreams. So in 2019 my daughter arrived and I pivoted my business and am now the founder of my design and illustration studio. 

To get in touch contact me at hello@savannarawson.co.uk



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