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How to choose the right designer for your small business brand?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

A few questions to consider

Ok, so you have decided its time for an upgrade to the visual side of your branding so you want a designer but how do you choose the best one when there are so many to choose from?

Before branding/rebrand ask yourself:

Do I know what my brand is about deep down?

If you don’t know then you want to work with a designer who is going to ask you lots of questions and help you uncover this. Don’t expect them to do this for free but understand that this will come once you have chosen them as a designer so be sure to ask if this is part of their process.

Have you identified your target audience?

Your designer is going to create something not for you, but for your target audience so they are going to need to know who that is. Creating something you like but your audience doesn’t, isn’t going to help your business and ultimately your bottom line. Choose a designer who is happy to discuss your ideal client and build a customer persona.

What are you hoping will happen after you launch your new brand?

Knowing this can completely change the direction of the branding process for you. Maybe you want to change your reputation, look more expensive, look more affordable or something else. How will you measure the effectiveness of the work you and your designer create if you haven’t got a goal in mind. Your designer will talk to you about this and even help you to find it if you haven’t worked it all out just yet. They will listen and advise.

How much time are YOU willing to put into your new branding?

I know, so you hired someone to take that job off of your hands, you wrote a one page brief and were hoping a few weeks later they would present you with the perfect branding and logo. Sorry but that almost never happens. Be prepared to be asked lots of questions, to brainstorm with your designer and collaborate. After all the designer is an expert in design and you are an expert in your business. The combination of these two perspectives is what will lead to a successful branding project.

How many options will I get?

Designers are different and some offer 3, or 5 options. Others work really hard on getting it truly correct, spend more time digging deep at the beginning and send you an expertly crafted, well thought through, single option that they wholeheartedly know is right based on the information you have provide.

If you would like to talk to a designer about your brand, please get in touch

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Photo credit Chris Lawton

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